1) Rub and shove your sole(s) against him, especially his face, if you came across a guy who is into your feet and his is playing the submissive serving role. It will be a heaven for him to smell your feet or just feel them on his body as much as possible. Trying to (gently) shove all of your toes into his mouth may just be a cherry on top for him, as he lives for it!

2) If you come across a top who suddenly started sucking your toes while he fucks you, make him happy by pressing both of your feet against his chest, rubbing it and/or squeezing his nipples using your toes, it only adds to the pleasure. Him seeing how you move and wiggle your toes is likely as exciting as the sex itself!

3) During foreplay, try to massage his feet, you may be surprised as he might enjoy it, because most people do anyway. You never know, you may just discover something new that you both like. There are many foot massage techniques, so for starters, try to grab his foot and start gently squeezing it with both of your hands – you will know immediately if he is into it or not! Watch some videos online to know how to do it better, if it happens that it’s working for you.

4) Know the boundary between massaging and tickling. While it is one of the extensions of the foot fetish, far from everyone enjoys being tickled. Tickling usually occurs when the sensitive body part is stimulated with light and/or swift motions. Massage is more of a firm and slow touch – be aware that even that can cause a tickling sensation, which might be unpleasant for the receiver, in which case you must stop!

5) If the guy enjoys his feet worshipped, try to extend the area of worship to his calves. The muscles of calves are also responsible for carrying the body weight, and therefore more likely than not are in need of a good massage. Also don’t miss the knee pit, it also has nervous endings, so licking it is recommended instead of massaging since there are no muscles there.


1) Grow your toenails long. A couple of millimeters is already too long! Not only is it unappealing in general, but it is a huge turn off for someone who is into feet! Sharp and long toenails can cut his tongue let alone the dirt collected under them can cause unpleasant consequences for his heath being that it is inside his mouth. Same goes for having dirty soles (such as after walking in slippers or barefoot outdoors), while it can be sexy for some, it will less likely be welcome inside someone’s mouth.

2) Assume that the foot fetishist is necessarily a full-on slave. The fact that he enjoys the look and the smell of your foot does not mean that he is there to take orders or be verbally humiliated. If you want to test if he is into more than serving your nether parts, try non-verbal communication, such as gently slapping his face with your feet – you will know immediately if you’re doing too much or too little!

3) Step on him with your entire weight. While it is sexy for the foot fetishist to spend as much time as possible under your foot, there are still boundaries crossing which can cause more harm than pleasure. Stepping on his face or on his dick is a turn-on for him, but it is safer to use one foot while the other is on the floor and carrying your body weight. Alternatively, instead of standing, you may want to sit on chair while you do the trampling.

4) Expect that he will be into your shoes or socks. While yet another, and huge, extension of the fetish, it is better to discuss it beforehand than start shoving your smelly socks into his mouth or have him lick your leather boots.

5) Cleanse your feet, especially with soap, right before the date with someone who is into feet. The natural sweaty smell of the foot is a huge part of it. Just like a dick should smell like dick and ass should smell like an ass, a foot has it’s own unique smell and taste which is as exciting for the foot fetishist as looking at your toes or arches. Obviously we are not talking several day old rancid stench, but showering once in the morning is just fine and more than enough for him to enjoy you!