It’s no secret that for years I’ve never acknowledged the cam model as a true performer. I always believed a cam model sat in front of their computer and jacked off for tips. Nothing about that seemed like ‘performing’.

I am going into my sixth year as a gay porn performer. Sure, the work involved in filming a scene is labour intensive. The scene rates have plummeted to all time low. Major studios are paying as low as $300 a scene, simply unacceptable for the amount of time and energy that goes into it. So I’ve decided to see how the other side lives and dip my dick into the live webcam world.

Let me start off by saying, cam models make money! The performing is completely different to performing in staged porn. To begin, I logged into my favourite cam site,, and created an account. I was able to link all my social media, all my websites, and a ton of photos. I went LIVE! Before I realised it, there were over 500 people watching me from around the world and I wasn’t doing anything… yet!

I started chatting with fans. I was answering questions about the industry. I was getting tips to flash my body here and there. I love attention, and this was feeding me. I finally got my dick hard and began to take direction from my fans. What do YOU want to see? Before I knew it, I was over $1,500 and I hadn’t even busted my nut.
I wrote an article about how porn is changing. People want reality, interaction, real sex. The cams are the outlet for a lot of our fans craving this. It goes deeper though. The porn performer can just fuck and get paid. There is really no interaction with the fans.
Cam models must build relationships with the fans in order to create the brand loyalty required to succeed. It’s less labour intensive and more mental. You are sharing time and an experience with your fans. This is something I’ve gotten really good at. As a porn performer, I have been blessed to be able to do live shows and club appearances all around the world. I love my fans and I love interacting with people.

I was offered the opportunity to represent at the Exxxotica Expo this weekend, and I was amazed at the amount of live webcam companies and models present. I did not see one porn studio in attendance. Fans were lining up to get photos with their favourite cam models. This is indicative of the direction adult entertainment is headed.

The future is here!